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Development is one of the central imperatives in today's globalized world. But, achieving a sustainable all-round development of the society requires certain fundamental pillars in their place. Education is one such pillar without which any future growth is inconceivable in today's competitive world. To imagine growth along with major parts of the country bounded in illiteracy is nothing but a ridiculous idea which is just impossible. More so, in today's information based society, where education is the master key to a world of opportunities. This is the reason that a whole host of issues in fields of health care, economic opportunity, women empowerment and community building can be traced due to the lack of proper education.

Although India ranks a low fourth in South Asia in terms of both adult literacy and youth/child literacy rates, several achievements have been recorded in the field of education since independence. According to the government data, the average literacy rate was 65% in 2001 (up from 18% in 1951). The number of uneducated persons declined for the first time since Census 1951 by almost 32 million in absolute terms between 1991 and 2001.

But these improvements pale when you find out that every third illiterate person in the world is an Indian. Out of approximately 200 million children in the 6-14 age groups, only 120 million are enrolled in school. "Inadequate budget allocations, dismal school infrastructure in rural areas, high dropout rates, are the hallmarks of our education system". Even the minimal institutional infrastructure, such as proper rooms, desks, drinking water facility, toilets, is missing in a large number of schools in India.

Vision 2016 stresses on to improve the education at primary and secondary level, because these two levels prepare ground for higher education which needs deserving and talented aspirants.

Thanks to our supporters and well-wishers because of whom Vision 2016 implements wide ranging educational projects, being executed round half (north) the country. The sector proposes a multifaceted plan for the development of education system among the marginalised sections of the Indian society. For the purpose to fulfill the plan, Vision 2016 provides funds for delivering quality education to primary and secondary level schools.

Vision 2016 has taken up following projects:

  1. Capacity Building and Improvement of Existing Schools
  2. Loan Scholarships
  3. Establishment of Primary Schools
  4. Scholarships for Higher Education


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