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Relief and Rehabilitation

Disasters and calamities are among the major sources of poverty. Disasters ruin the lives, snatch the means of livelihood and destabilize the whole society. No Social Development Program can overlook the disasters. Geographically and socio-politically, many areas in the country are highly prone to both natural and man-made disasters.

Vision 2016 has therefore given the due importance to Disaster Management and has been implementing following projects for Disaster Mitigation and Management:

1.    Quality English medium primary  and secondary schools
2.    Constructing new schools in poor rural areas of Jharkand, Bihar, Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh
3.    Merit scholarship for higher education
4.    Coaching classes for Engineering, Medical and MBA examinations.
5.    Mobile health clinic
6.    Maternity hospitals
7.    Building small hospitals and clinic in rural areas
8.    Providing Tube wells for clean water in villages.
9.    Small loans for Auto-rickshaw, sewing machines, etc.
10.    Relief work in natural disaster areas.

Due to the heavy breach in the reservoir of Kosi Canal on 18 August, 2008, about 250 square kilometer area of Supol, Araria, Madhepura, and Purnia districts of Bihar was suddenly devastated by the rush of the water of Kosi. The flood turned ugly due to torrential rains thereafter, and the entire population of flood affected areas has to take shelter in many places.

Vision 2016 immediately reacted to the situation and started Emergency relief work. Our volunteers successfully rescued more than seven thousand people from 50 villages and provided shelter, meal, milk, garments, and medicine to 12000 flood affected people in its 8 camps located in Basmatia, Forbasganj, Narpatganj, Araria Court, Sirarba, Rajokhan, Dutha Bazar, and Raghupur regularly. On the occasion of Eid, Eid-Kits containing garments and food-grains were distributed to 5000 people, and Eid-Gifts to more than 2000 children from the affected families. Similarly, on the occasion of Dussehra, HWT distributed 3000 Dussehra-Kits among non-Muslim families.

Relief works done by our team include

a.    The distribution of 5000 blankets, warm cloths for 250 children.
b.    300 houses were repaired.
c.    220 quintals of rice were distributed.
d.    27 girls were helped in there marriages.
e.    81 boys & girls students were specially helped achieve their further education.
f.    In four places, arrangements of pre-matriculation examination were done.
g.    As many as 48 persons were helped in order to earn their livelihood themselves.
h.    51 tube wells were arranged for clean water in different places of flood affected areas.
i.    71 persons suffering from different diseases were provided with necessary treatment.

Vision 2016 planned for permanent rehabilitation of these victims and is constructing thousand small homes for the survivors, each costing Rs. 42,000.
A Group Marriage ceremony was organised by Vision 2016 for Kosi Flood Victims. 67 couples got married on this occasion. Each couple was provided with some cash and a bridal gift.

Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka Flood Relief
In Andhra Pradesh, the rain and floods had caused large-scale devastation throughout the state during the first week of October, 2009. More than 18 lac people in nearly 400 villages of Andhra Pradesh have been affected by the floods. Vision 2016 has mobilized its resources in the affected areas, along with the cadre of Students Islamic Organization (SIO), and Movement for Peace and Justice (MPJ). The relief work includes providing food (bread, rice, dal, oil, vegetables, etc.), drinking water, medicine, milk packets, utensils, clothing, etc. A kit of household items was distributed to about fifteen thousand families. More than 150 volunteers participated in these relief activities. More than One Crore Indian Rupees have been spent on the relief work so far.

To work effectively in the field of Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation, Vision 2016 has established an NGO, Society for Bright Future (SBF). The SBF has now taken up all disaster management related projects. A volunteer core of 5000 trained people is being created under the aegis of SBF with an aim to respond to emergencies in an efficient manner.

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