Awards for Academic Excellence - 2010 to 449 Students 300-bed Multi Speciality hospital Award Distribution Ceremony for 394 meritorious students Ambulance for peoples Independance Day Program by School students The scholar school was inaugurated by the central finance minister (India), Mr. Pranab Mukherjee
Serving Humanity Serving Humanity Serving Humanity Serving Humanity Serving Humanity Serving Humanity
Area of Works
  Development is one of the central imperatives in today's globalized world. But, achieving a sustainable all-round development of the society requires certain fundamental pillars in their place. Education is one such pillar without which any future growth is inconceivable in today's competitive world. To imagine growth along with major parts of the country bounded in illiteracy is nothing but a ridiculous idea which is just impossible. More so, in today's information based society, where ...
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Legal Aid
  It is estimated that around 50, 00,000 under trial people are waiting for justice in Indian prisons. Poor people are vulnerable to all kinds of exploitation including the legal exploitation. Many people are in jails just because they can not afford a few hundred rupees for bail. Legal help is among the prime needs of many poor people in India. Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), a national level NGO was formed as part of Vision 2016 project for providing legal aid assista...
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  Health is a major developmental concern. Health problems and poverty possess a cyclic relation wherein each feeds the other. With the rising commercialization of health sector, health facilities are becoming out of reach for poor. Vision 2016 envisages state-of-the-art health facilities on subsidized/ marginal costs to cater the needs of poor patients. Following activities are being done In the area of healthcare. Al-Shifa Speciality Hospital and Research Centre   New Delhi's...
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Relief and Rehabilitation
Disasters and calamities are among the major sources of poverty. Disasters ruin the lives, snatch the means of livelihood and destabilize the whole society. No Social Development Program can overlook the disasters. Geographically and socio-politically, many areas in the country are highly prone to both natural and man-made disasters. Vision 2016 has therefore given the due importance to Disaster Management and has been implementing following projects for Disaster Mitigation and Management: ...
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